How to make a Persian handmade silk rug?


As we all know, a Persian handmade silk rug is always very expensive. You may deeply wonder about the value of oriental Persian rug. From the following pictures, you can see how we make a rug wholly by hand. Each of the rugs is delicately designed by the designers. Weavers laboriously take months even years to finish a beautiful rug, fixing one knot after one knot. That’s why handmade rug is much more expensive, valuable and worthy than machine-made rug.

Sketch Persian design

1. Designers sketch the designs by a pen and paper. Graph paper is recommended, as it provides an orderly pattern.  Our designers will seriously take into consideration the size of the area and interior decorations when drawing the designs.

2. Workers prepare the raw materials and finish dyeing process in advance.

3. One of the most important steps is to hand knot the rug, it costs long time and labor.

— Weavers organize the weaving loom. It should consist of warps–long and strong threads made of cotton, wool or silk–running up and down, with wefts–similar threads that pass through, over and under the warps–running right and left. The effect should be something like a checkerboard of threads. These should be contained within a frame, or loom.

— Pass a number of wefts through the lowest warp to form a base for the handmade rug.

— Using a fresh piece of wool, cotton or silk thread, tie loose knots around sets of adjacent warps. Use either Turkish or Ghiordes knots. This will create the pattern of handmade rug. As more rows are tied, these knots also form the pile. Use scissors or a knife to cut the thread after completing each knot.

— Once completed a row of knots, pass several rows of weft and use the comb instrument to pack them down against the knots. This procedure secures the rows of knots and keeps the rug weave tight.

— When the rug is finished (come to the end of your warp and weft), the ends of the warp threads will be the fringe on the end of the rug. Tie them off with braids, tassels or beads to keep the rug from unraveling.


4. Finally workers will do the finishing works and check the rug carefully again after washing and drying the Persian handmade silk rug.

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